Hookahplace abu dhabi

Main Entrance, Yas Mall, Yas Island


Immerse yourself in the world of shisha at HookahPlace Abu Dhabi, where every moment is a celebration for the senses. Renowned for its unique fusion of Russian and traditional styles, it offers an unparalleled hookah-smoking experience. What makes it stand out?
Exclusive menu by a Michelin-starred chef: At HookahPlace Abu Dhabi, you're not just smoking hookah, you're indulging in the culinary creations of an exceptional Michelin-starred chef. Each dish on their menu is carefully crafted to delight your taste buds and complement the aromatic tobacco perfectly.
Variety of teas, coffees, and mocktails: In addition to the superb hookah experience, HookahPlace offers a wide selection of teas, coffees, and mocktails. With skilled baristas and bartenders, you can enjoy a diverse range of beverages that perfectly complement your relaxation experience.
Convenient location at Yas Mall: Situated right at the main entrance of Yas Mall, it's easily accessible to all. Whether it's a quick meet-up with friends or a leisurely unwind after shopping, this location is perfect for all occasions.
Operating hours from 12:00 pm to 3:00 am daily: No matter the time of day, HookahPlace Abu Dhabi is ready to welcome you. Its extended operating hours allow you to enjoy the ambiance of the venue at your convenience.
Unique ambiance for relaxation and socializing: HookahPlace offers a special atmosphere conducive to relaxation and socializing. Whether it's meeting up with friends after work or casual gatherings on weekends, you'll always find comfort and hospitality here.
For more information about HookahPlace Abu Dhabi's offerings and services, visit their website at HookahPlace Abu Dhabi.

Key Features

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