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Mumzworld was supported in 2011 by a team of caring however busy, seasoned and practiced entrepreneurs and oldsters United Nations agency felt one thing was missing from the market. we have a tendency to we have a tendency toren’t happy with the merchandise vary or info we found at crowded  malls and scattered on-line stores. we have a tendency to pictured giving families within the Mideast, one place to go looking, compare, and get from a good vary of leading native and world brands, all from the comfort of their homes and offices. Above all, we have a tendency to wished to supply oldsters with all the data and reviews they have to form the most effective selections regarding gear for his or her newborn, academic toys for his or her very little whizz children, books for his or her tiddler or wardrobes for his or her pre-teen. once celebrating our eight year day of remembrance last year because the leading on-line retail merchant within the Mideast, this mission still holds true.

Key Features

Why we have a tendency to do what we have a tendency to do
First ones up. last ones down.
They feed us.. Clothe us. Pick us up. dirt U.S. off.
On the edges lines. On the front lines. continually the primary
The last cheerleaders. Healers. Teachers.
Givers of affection and real tears. Earners of stretch marks
and early wrinkles.
They give us their bodies, minds and lives.
They form humanity. They build the longer term.
It's a twenty four hour-a-day list of to-do's, which list is interrupted by
everything and something. solely to do and bang once more following
day. Somehow, against all odds, they notice the time to show,
to encourage, to like and to allow additional.
To connect therein most untellable approach. Somehow, they
do it each day. Somehow they would not have it any
other way.
Mumz area unit busy. Mumz area unit unbelievable
Mumz inspire us in each way!



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